Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blocky Addiction

Minecraft. Blocks. Blocks, and more blocks. Endless Creativity. Endless possibilities. How about playing a game on a computer in a game on your computer out of blocks and powder?

Wait... What?

Yes, you heard me right. People have been creating computers, with the display, hard drive, every part you may need out of redstone and a few blocks. Some others have taken it a step further, creating games you can play on those very computers, inside minecraft.

I've always wanted to learn redstone. I have some basics in programming, but no more. Even opening double doors at the same time in minecraft, I'm not even sure I could do that. Stealth doors? Even less, I didn't touch a single piston ever since they're out.

I envy those people, creating some amazing maps, puzzles, games, contraptions, and more. What's so difficult? It's like programming: "If/then/else", "wait", "or", there's dozens of setups out there! Heck, even my boyfriend is a programmer!

Stupid game. Why did I have to buy it way back in alpha? I'm addicted, I can't get away from it. I always come back and try new creations. But redstone always stops me, kind of like a blockage of some sorts.

One day, maybe. One day, I'll conquer that stupidly amazing game.

For the curious, check out the game right here.

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