Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Welcome traveler...

Welcome, traveler, to my world, where reality, fantasy and dreams have no limit, no boundaries... So please, take a seat, rest your weary feet for a while, and let me introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Annie, a french canadian stay-at-home mom with 2 kids and a boyfriend. I'm the faerie, my girl is the little butterfly, and my son, a kitten. Why these symbols? They are part of a tattoo I'm planning to have to symbolize my family.

The faerie: Me, myself and I, the very imaginative person, so distracted that I keep forgetting everything everywhere... Peanut butter in the fridge? Check! (Yes, I have ADD...)  And that's just one of many... I became a faerie when I first got pregnant, my boyfriend gave me a little pregnant faerie statue to symbolize our first child, and she wears my favorite colors! I have many dreams and hopes, many that wont come to fruitition, but that is fine, they make me smile everytime I think of them! They keep my hopes up... I knit, play video games and paint (well... used to, my toddler make this very difficult right now!) in my free time, as well as a few other random things, like Scrapbooking that I tried once...

The butterfly: My girl, sweet little girl that looks just like me when I was her age... She's that unpredictable girl that can go from crying to laughing to whining in an instant, always having hidden reserves of energy when you think you've finally managed to tire her out completely. She loves to help with anything and everything, from feeding her baby brother, keeping him warm and cozy in his sleep to trashing her dirty diapers and helping mommy to keep the house clean... at only 2 years old and a half! But don't give her anything when she's upset, she's got quite the character, haha!

The kitten: When my midwife told me I would have given birth like a cat, had it not been for his position in my belly (feet first). He's that sweet loving baby boy, always smiling, extremely social, most beautiful boy in the world... or at least, in my world! Anything will make him laugh, and he is lucky to have a big sister that loves him as much as his mommy does! There's not an ounce of jealousy between these two, it's as if they were twins!

Two hidden people remains, if we can say that... my boyfriend, and the family's cat, Leia!

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